Manipur Viral Video Sparks Huge Outrage

Manipur Viral Video Sparks Outrage and Demands for Justice. Civil Unrest Concerns: Navigating India's Worst Political Landscape
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The northeastern Indian state of Manipur is whirling from a shocking and disturbing incident that has captured the attention of the nation. Manipur viral video depicting the sexual assault of two women by a violent mob has surfaced on social media, shedding light on the ongoing inter-ethnic conflict in the region. The incident, which occurred on May 4, 2023, came to public knowledge after police arrests were made in response to the video going online. The graphic nature of the footage has sparked outrage and condemnation from all corners of Indian society and has even drawn the attention of the country’s leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Manipur Viral Video: A Disturbing and Gruesome Act

The viral video, which has been seen by millions, captures a horrific incident of sexual violence. Two women are forced to walk naked through a crowd of clothed men, surrounded by a mob brandishing long canes and sticks as weapons. The women appear terrified as they are groped and sexually assaulted, pleading for mercy and protection. The incident occurred in B. Phainom village in Kangpokpi district and was part of the ongoing ethnic violence that has plagued Manipur, leading to more than 100 deaths and tens of thousands displaced.

The Outrage and Call for Justice

The graphic and distressing nature of the video has ignited a nationwide outcry. The incident has not only exposed the brutality faced by the victims but has also highlighted the escalating ethnic tensions in the state. Civil society, women’s rights groups, and citizens from all walks of life have voiced their anger and demands for justice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had remained silent about the situation until now, broke his silence and condemned the incident, calling it “shameful” for any civil society. He assured the nation that the law would take its course with full force against the perpetrators. However, his statement did not directly address the underlying ethnic violence in Manipur, leaving some critics unsatisfied.

Authorities Respond and Promise Action

In the wake of the video going viral, the Manipur Police arrested four people in connection with the incident and are continuing their investigations. Over three dozen men are being interrogated about the apparent sexual assault. Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, who leads the state government, condemned the crime against humanity and vowed that the culprits would face the highest punishment, including the possibility of capital punishment.

The Path Forward

The Manipur viral video has brought to light the urgent need to address not only the individual incident but also the broader issue of ethnic violence in the state. The Indian Supreme Court firmly orders the federal and Manipur state governments to act promptly, holding the culprits responsible and preventing any recurrence of such incidents. The court firmly asserted that employing women as instruments of violence is utterly unacceptable in a constitutional democracy.

The incident has also reignited the debate about internet restrictions in conflict zones. The government’s practice of restricting internet access in regions experiencing violence has been criticized as it can prevent the flow of information and hinder accountability.


The Manipur viral video has exposed the horrifying reality of sexual violence and the deep-rooted ethnic tensions in the state. It has sparked outrage, demands for justice, and renewed attention to the ongoing conflict. As the nation grapples with this tragedy, it is essential to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable and that efforts are made to foster peace and harmony in Manipur. The incident serves as a stark reminder that collective action is required to address such heinous crimes and prevent their recurrence.

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