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Stock Market Today: Exciting expectation from Indian stock market in trade on September 14
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The Indian stock market today is on everyone’s radar as we step into the trading session on September 14, 2023. The day is filled with anticipation and speculation as investors and traders look for cues and trends to guide their decisions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what to expect, based on recent insights from Livemint.

Stock Market Today Sentiment

The Indian stock market is poised to open higher on September 14, driven by positive global cues. 

In simple terms, this means that the mood in the Indian stock market is quite upbeat for the day ahead. Investors and traders are feeling positive, and here’s why:

Positive Global Cues: The global signals are good. Asian markets, which include major economies like Japan, China, and South Korea, have been performing well. When these markets do well, it often has a positive effect on the Indian market. So, it’s like a green light from the rest of Asia.

Mixed Performance in the US: Over in the United States, things were a bit of a mix. Some stocks did well, while others didn’t perform as expected. But overall, it wasn’t a gloomy day. This mixed performance hasn’t dampened the overall optimism.

So, imagine the stock market as a giant seesaw. Right now, the optimists are outweighing the pessimists. Investors are hopeful that the prices of stocks will go up, and that’s why they are looking forward to a good day of trading.

However, it’s important to remember that the stock market can be unpredictable. While the signs are positive, things can change during the day based on various factors like economic news, company announcements, and global events. So, it’s a day to be cautious, but for now, the outlook is bright.

Nifty Breaks 20,000 Barrier

Nifty, one of India’s most-watched stock market indices, has achieved a historic milestone by closing above the significant 20,000 mark. This achievement has caught the attention of investors and market enthusiasts alike.

Optimistic Sentiment: The prevailing sentiment among market participants is overwhelmingly optimistic. Closing above 20,000 signifies the strength and resilience of the Indian stock market. It’s like reaching a summit in a challenging climb, and it has boosted confidence in the market.

Support at 19,900: However, this optimism comes with a caveat. It’s contingent on Nifty maintaining support at the 19,900 level. Think of this level as the base camp of the mountain. If Nifty slips below this support level, it could lead to market corrections, which means prices of stocks might go down.

Resistance at 20,100-20,150: On the way up, there’s a challenge to overcome. The 20,100-20,150 range is seen as resistance. Resistance is like a barrier that Nifty needs to break through. If it successfully breaks above this range, it could pave the way for a sustained upward trend, much like reaching the peak of a mountain.

In essence, Nifty’s journey above 20,000 is a significant accomplishment, but it’s a journey that requires careful steps. Investors are optimistic, but they are also watchful of potential challenges. The coming days will reveal whether Nifty can conquer the resistance and continue its upward climb or if it faces corrections along the way.

Sensex Rally

The Sensex, another key index, showed strength by rallying 245.86 points to close at 67,466.99. This positive market action suggests that bulls are still in the game. While selling pressure has emerged near 20,100 levels, there’s no confirmation of a top reversal pattern at these new highs. A decisive move above 20,100-20,150 levels is anticipated to drive further upside, potentially reaching 20,350-20,450 levels in the near term.

Bank Nifty’s Rise: Bank Nifty, an important sectoral index, surged 398 points to close at 45,909. A bullish engulfing candlestick pattern on the Bank Nifty index indicates a potential reversal of the previous bearish sentiment. The lower-end support is established in the range of 45,700-45,600, offering strong support for the bulls. Looking ahead, the immediate hurdle on the upside is at the 46,000 mark, with potential targets at 46,300 and 46,600 levels.


In conclusion, the Indian stock market on September 14 promises excitement and opportunity. However, investors and traders need to remain vigilant, monitor key levels, and adapt their strategies accordingly. The market’s response to global cues and technical patterns will guide the day’s trading.

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