Bank Holidays in August 2023 in India

Bank Holidays in August 2023 in India: Best to Plan Your Finance
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As August approaches, it brings with it several opportunities for leisure and relaxation. However, it is also essential to keep track of the upcoming bank holidays in India to plan your financial activities efficiently. In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of bank holidays in August 2023 in India, helping you make informed decisions and manage your finances effectively.

Importance of Bank Holidays

Bank holidays play a crucial role in our lives as they provide individuals with a well-deserved break from their routine and allow them to spend quality time with their families and loved ones. These holidays also impact financial transactions, as banks and financial institutions remain closed on these days. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of bank holidays in advance to avoid any inconvenience related to banking activities.

Bank Holidays in August 2023

Let’s take a look at the list of bank holidays in August 2023 in India:

  1. Independence Day – 15th August 2023 (Monday): Independence Day is a significant national holiday in India, commemorating the country’s independence from British rule in 1947. On this day, various cultural events and flag-hoisting ceremonies take place across the nation, celebrating India’s freedom.
  2. Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi) – 16th August 2023 (Tuesday): Parsi New Year, also known as “Jamshedi Navroz,” is celebrated by the Parsi community in India. It marks the beginning of the Parsi calendar year and is a time for prayers, feasting, and gatherings.
  3. Raksha Bandhan – 18th August 2023 (Thursday): Raksha Bandhan is a traditional Hindu festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread (rakhi) on their brother’s wrists, symbolizing love and protection, while brothers offer gifts and promises to safeguard their sisters.
  4. First Onam – 21st August 2023 (Monday): Onam is a ten-day harvest festival celebrated primarily in the state of Kerala. The first day of Onam, known as “First Onam” or “Uthradom,” involves last-minute shopping and preparations for the grand celebrations ahead.
  5. Third Onam (Thiruvonam) – 23rd August 2023 (Wednesday): Thiruvonam is the main day of the Onam festival and is marked by elaborate feasts, cultural programs, and traditional games across Kerala. In Kerala, it’s an official state holiday..
  6. Ganesh Chaturthi – 25th August 2023 (Friday): Ganesh Chaturthi is a joyous Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of wisdom and prosperity. Elaborate idols of Lord Ganesha are installed in homes and public places, and the festival is marked by vibrant processions and rituals.
  7. Fourth Onam (Chatayam) – 26th August 2023 (Saturday): Chatayam is the fourth day of the Onam festival, and it includes various cultural activities, boat races, and other festivities.
  8. Bakrid (Eid-al-Adha) – 28th August 2023 (Monday): Bakrid, also known as Eid-al-Adha, is an important Islamic festival that commemorates the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. It is a day of prayer, charity, and feasting for Muslims worldwide.
  9. Muharram – 30th August 2023 (Wednesday): Muharram is the first month of the Islamic lunar calendar and holds religious significance for Muslims. It marks the day of Ashura, when Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was martyred in the Battle of Karbala. Muslims observe this day with prayers and reflections on the tragedy.

Financial Planning and Bank Holidays

Bank holidays can impact various financial activities, such as fund transfers, bill payments, loan processing, and other banking services. It is advisable to plan your financial transactions to avoid any inconvenience due to bank closures.

  1. Plan Your Investments: If you have investment-related activities or transactions, ensure that they do not coincide with bank holidays. Make timely investments to maximize your returns and achieve your financial goals.
  2. Loan Payments and EMIs: If you have loan payments or EMIs due around bank holidays, consider making the payments in advance to avoid any penalties or late fees.
  3. Stock Market Activities: If you are an investor in the stock market, keep track of trading holidays along with bank holidays. Ensure that you have sufficient funds in your trading account to cover any ongoing positions or margin requirements.
  4. Travel and Leisure Expenses: As several festivals fall in August, it is common for individuals to incur additional expenses on travel, gifts, and celebrations. Plan your budget accordingly to manage your finances during this festive month.


August 2023 brings with it a diverse mix of bank holidays, including national festivals, regional celebrations, and religious observances. As you plan your month, consider the impact of these holidays on your financial activities and make necessary arrangements in advance. By staying informed and organized, you can make the most of your time off during these holidays while efficiently managing your finances.

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